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Nyctobrya (Bryopsis) segunai  

My interest in Entomology started when I was just 6 years old, a time when I went for long walks with my late father at Armier collecting caterpillars, butterflies and moths along the way.


Trough Entomological collectors all over the world and local friends I have been able to obtain information and even specimens of all types of insects, but mostly butterflies and moths.


In Malta there are approximately  20 species of butterflies and about 550 species of Moths.


Xylena exsoleta maltensis larva

Some information about the website.


To see the images of Lepidoptera go to the top menu and then click on the specific Family.

Click each photo to enlarge it and for the species name.

The photos are in alfabetical order for easy access.


Hope you enjoy it. If you have any quaries or need more information please contact me via my email.


Ophiusa tyrhaca

Welcome to my website

Vanessa atalanta

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